Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 01/30/18: Fasting, Insoles, Tidying Up

1. I had it in my mind that my fast would begin today at 5 p.m., but upon rereading my colonoscopy preparation instructions, I learned that, starting with breakfast, I couldn't eat solid foods. I'm happy that I have a slow cooker of turkey stock bubbling away. It's giving me a liquid broth to ingest that is full of good nutrients and calories and helps me feel much less hungry.

2. I am pretty sure that on Wednesday, I'll be housebound, so I went out today and stocked up on seltzer water and bought the materials I need to clean my colon. Last week, I bought a new pair of everyday shoes and today I found massaging gel insoles I need to keep my big toes from swelling up and put another pair of insoles in the shoes that help keep my arches properly supported. I might also have tiny calcium deposits in my heel and these insoles help cushion that, too. It's made a great difference in my mobility and foot comfort that a couple of years ago, after a visit to the doctor and some experimenting, I discovered that using the two insoles in my everyday shoes keeps my big toe from getting inflamed and my arches from aching.

3. I decided that if Tuesday and Wednesday were going to be dominated by a clear liquid diet and colon cleansing, I'd at least experience this in a tidy house. It's good for my mental state.  I dust mopped the house, cleared off the kitchen table and put things away, watered some plants, took care of dishes, and left a couple of chores for Wednesday so I'll have stuff to do while in the house all day.

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