Friday, January 26, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 01/25/18: Chicago, Curry, Plans

1. While the Deke knitted and socialized for a few hours at Radio Brewing late this afternoon, I listened to Chicago II. It astonished me. I knew I'd be hearing the old familiar "Make Me Smile" suite of songs and they took me back, as they should have, to some of my favorite memories from when I was in high school. Predictably, "25 or 6 to 4" took me back to pregame warm-ups when I wore a Kellogg High School basketball uniform -- it's hard for me to lay claim to having been a player -- and got so fired up hearing our pep band and others like Wallace and Lewiston and Cd'A play it that I rocketed off the gym floor and was able to touch the bottom of the net. I'd forgotten, though, how much music on this album is not pop music, but is improvisational, jazzy, sometimes bordering on avant-garde. I remember how this album stretched my appreciation of what is musically possible when a record company lengthens the leash and lets musicians play the varieties of music they love.

2. I spent the late afternoon cooking a green curry for the Deke and me. I began by frying tofu in sesame oil, boiling a few potatoes, and stir frying frozen green beans. In a pot, I cooked a combination of finely chopped garlic and green curry paste. To this I added a can of coconut milk and equal measures of fish sauce and sugar. I cut the potatoes into smaller pieces and added them along with the green beans and tofu into the coconut milk and curry paste mixture. While this heated up, I heated up thawed rice I'd had in the freezer from our Thai dinner a while back. I tested the curry and decided it was a little too hot, in the spicy sense of the word, so I poured in some chicken broth and that moderated the curry and it was ready to eat.

3. The Deke arrived home from having had a really fun time at Radio Brewing and we sat down and enjoyed our curry over the rice together and discussed plans for going to Spokane in the morning so the Deke can catch her flight to Eugene.

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