Saturday, January 13, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 01/12/18: Huge Snowflakes, Transplant Story on *Radiolab*, Happy Friday at the Lounge

1. Big, wet snowflakes promising an inevitable sloppy mess fell as I made my way down Cameron Ave. in the Sube this morning to meet Buff, Ed, and Scott for breakfast. Jerry was plowing snow in Wallace and Ed, Buff, and Scott had plowing on their minds. I wouldn't go so far as saying that I felt left out because I don't plow snow in the Silver Valley for McGillivray Environmental like my other breakfast mates, but when I returned home after eating, I immediately shoveled our sidewalks and driveway -- maybe so I'd feel a little bit like one of the guys . . . .

2. This morning, the Deke and I listened to an episode of Radiolab entitled "Match Made in Marrow" about the relationship that developed between an atheist woman and a Christian man about a year after her donation of bone marrow saved the man's life. As the two got to know each other, their philosophical and theological differences widened while their friendship deepened. I'll leave it at that, but tell you that if you'd like to listen to this episode, it's right here.

3. I spent much of the early afternoon putting together another batch of broth in the slow cooker, using beef soup bones I purchased at Stein's along with the leaves of celery I trimmed from stalks the other day, carrots, an onion, and a couple or three bay leaves. I also sat down at the kitchen table and planned out the family dinner I will prepare on Sunday and made a shopping list, hoping that a local store carries sweet chili sauce -- if not, I found a recipe for making my own.

Around three o'clock, the Deke dropped me off at the Inland Lounge where I met up with Ed and we yakked with Cas and Tracy. Ed left before long and I was going to head up to Radio Brewing to meet up with the Deke, but she texted me with a directive: stay put. Soon, in strolled the Deke with Liz Menke. Debbie had called Liz and invited her to be her drinking/knitting partner at Radio and they decided to hoof it down to the Lounge -- and, soon, Liz's husband Mitch arrived, too. 

I had a great time at the Lounge as people from my deep Kellogg past as well as my new Kellogg present strolled in to have a couple of drinks and enjoy the good vibe at the Lounge.

The Deke and I returned home, ate leftover chicken casserole, and a little later Christy came over for a couple of beers and visited for a while.

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