Saturday, January 27, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 01/26/18: Deke to the Airport, Fixings for Stock, Downtown CdA with Byrdman

1. After I finished breakfast at Sam's with Buff, Ed, and Scott, I returned home where the Deke was getting ready for our trip to Spokane. Suddenly, the skies opened and pillowy snowflakes covered the ground. It looked like we might be in for one of those two hour drives to Spokane, so we piled in the Sube much earlier than we normally would have, and headed to Spokane so the Deke could catch her flight. Just east of the 4th of July Pass the snow began to slow way down and as we hit the summit and headed on the downward side, the snow stopped and our drive to Spokane turned easy.

The Deke got to Spokane way early, caught a flight earlier than she was scheduled for to Seattle and then caught her regularly scheduled flight to Eugene. Later in the afternoon, she texted me that she was seated at 16 Tons, so I knew everything was good and, still later, she texted me a picture of her with Jay and Sherri, pals with whom we hoisted many a pint back in the old days in Eugene, and suddenly I felt very happy -- both for what the Deke already had going on in Eugene and for the many sweet memories I carry of life at 16 Tons.

2. I stopped in CdA on my way back to Kellogg and bought new jeans, a pair of sweats, and a pair of new everyday shoes at Kohl's. I texted Byrdman and made plans to swing by his house, but, before I went over there, I stopped at Pilgrim's and clawed around in their meat freezer until I found turkey necks and turkey wings. I see a new batch of stock in my near future.

3. Byrdman and I stopped in at Sweet Lou's Restaurant and Tap House. I hadn't quaffed an IPA for a while and when I found out they had a newly tapped keg of fresh Fat Lenny from Post Falls Brewing on tap, I ordered it and suddenly relived the pleasures of a fine, citrusy IPA. After lunch and that beer, Byrdman and I headed to Crafted and I decided to have a fine Oregon IPA and ordered an RPM from Boneyard Brewing (in Bend). Again, I had to agree with the gal or guy who said absence makes the palate grow stronger -- or something -- because my palate was sure happy to be tasting a couple of fine IPAs again after a brief absence.

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