Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 01/29/18: Visit to the Clinic, Tilapia Chowder, Strong Ale and Music Videos

1. Diane just moved to Kellogg and she's been sick for a few days and decided to see a doctor today. I offered her a ride and she accepted. While Diane was being examined, I left and made a quick stop for an Americano au lait and a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with a thin swipe of cream cheese at the Bean and then picked up some groceries at Yoke's. Diane found out she doesn't have the flu. She needs to rest and drink plenty of fluids this week to recover from her bad cold and respiratory infection. Even in her weakened condition, Diane showed me around her new house and told me how she imagines making some changes to it. It's a great place and I'm eager to see her plans take shape.

2. Since I begin a two day fast from solid foods Tuesday morning to prepare for a Thursday colonoscopy, I decided to cook myself some food I thought I'd really enjoy, using what I have on hand. I decided to make a tilapia chowder. I finely chopped up onion, garlic, and celery and sauteed these ingredients in butter. After a bit, I poured some flour over the mixture, sauteed it some more and then added leftover ham hock stock I had in the fridge. I let that simmer for a while and peeled and finely chopped the remaining potatoes I had on hand, put them in the Dutch oven and poured in all the ham hocks stock I had left. I brought things to a boil, turned the heat way down, put on the lid, and turned my attention to thawing the tilapia fillets. Once thawed, I put them in a pan with butter, covered them with Old Bay Seasoning, and poured boxed chicken broth over them and poached the filets. Once cooked, I chopped them in small pieces, threw them in the pot and poured in what I thought was the right amount of half and half and whole milk. I heated up the chowder and then turned off the heat and put the lid back on. I'd return to my dinner in a few hours.

3. Cas texted me and wondered if I was in the mood for an "Afternoon Delight" beverage uptown. We met at Radio Brewing where I sipped on small pours of my favorite beer in town right now, Radio's Inner Sanctum, a tasty Strong Ale. Cas had some business to take care of at the Inland Lounge and invited me to join him and Tracy for a private session at the Lounge. I accepted and enjoyed a couple of cocktails and Cas put some outstanding videos on the Inland Lounge television screen above the bar, playing them over the joint's excellent sound system. We listened to and watched videos of Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, the Allman Brothers and other musicians and continued the yakking we had started at Radio Brewing.  We had a lot of fun.

I returned home, fed the dogs and let them outside, and heated up the tilapia and potato chowder and was very proud of my creation. It tasted great. It warmed me. It helped me bid solid foods farewell for a couple of days.

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