Thursday, January 11, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 01/10/18: Visiting Dr. Jones, Shopping, Return to Jethro Tull

1.  This morning I met with my new nephrologist, Dr. Kristie Jones, at the clinic uptown. I hadn't seen a nephrologist since March, 2017, and I am very happy to be getting back into the routine of regular visits. Dr. Jones and I talked about my kidney history and she liked what she saw in the December, 1, 2017 bloodwork I had done for my primary care giver. She liked what both of my other nephrologists have liked -- yes, my kidney function is at 19%, but it's been at this level or slightly higher for several years. She likes the stability. In addition, my blood work reveals I don't have other problems and it's especially good news that I don't have diabetes.

2. When I shopped at Yoke's and Stein's today, I had winter on my mind and bought a couple of small roasts, a whole chicken, beef soup bones, and other groceries that we can turn into meals that bring warmth and comfort to these chilly days.

3. Christy's friend Chris hosted a dinner this evening to celebrate Christy's birthday. The Deke was invited and so I had some time at home this evening to myself and enjoyed listening to music that I enjoy, but that the Deke doesn't so much. I especially enjoyed playing the entirety of Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick and their quasi-compilation double album from 1972, Living in the Past. When I started college at NIC in the fall of 1972, I hadn't listened to much Jethro Tull. I'd heard a few cuts from Aqualung, but not much else. But, John Soini and became friends during the school year and he introduced me to Living in the Past and for the next several months this album played in my head continuously. On some weekends, its songs ringing inside me made working in the Zinc Plant cell room a little more tolerable. Tonight, I realized it had been many years since I listened to side three of Living in the Past ("By Kind Permission Of" and "Dharma for One") and tonight it awakened an old Jethro Tull ecstasy I hadn't felt for many, many years.

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