Saturday, January 6, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 01/05/18: Stories at Sam's, Working the Legs, Josiah's Revenge and Other Epicurean Delights

1.  I slipped and skated down Cameron Avenue at 5:45 this morning and eased my way into the front door of Sam's, poured myself coffee, and waited for Ed, Buff, Jerry, and Scott. They all tumbled in, ready to eat, and full of stories about experiences they've had with gargantuan hamburgers in Lewiston (Effie's), south of Yakima (Miners Drive-In) and Baton Rouge (Walk-On's). I did not contribute to the burger talk nor to the conversations about the perils and frustrations of plowing snow in the Silver Valley, but I enjoyed hearing all these stories and happily reported that the work on our remodel is finished.

Ed and I agreed after breakfast that I should not walk back home, so he gave me a ride and I was ready for the day.

2. The Deke and I missed our workouts on Monday (New Year's Day) and Wednesday (Lewiston road trip), but we were back at the Wellness Center today. I worked out a little harder than I ever had on the recumbent bicycle machine and followed that up with leg and calf presses, leg curls, and other lower body machines. I don't think anyone would ever be able to tell from looking at me that I'm working out more regularly now, but I have faith that it's doing my muscles and circulation a lot of good. I sure feel better and sleep better.

3. The Deke and I were planning on a beef noodle dinner made with the broth I've been slow cooking this week and the Deke was going to make noodles. Our plans changed when Christy invited us over for chicken pot pie. She bought one of those heavenly pies at Costco today. Wow! What a great dinner with another of the Deke's masterpiece salads:  walnut, honeycrisp apple, parmesan cheese, kale and a superb vinaigrette.

The Deke and I returned home and played ourselves a concert. I succeeded today in making it so that our Echo Dot plays through our Bose speaker. We listened to Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Diamond, Stan Rogers, the Jerry Douglas Pandora station, Dave Brubeck, and to music from Sunday in the Park with George.

We broke out a bomber of Great Divide's very delicious Chai Yeti Imperial Stout and savored how beautifully its cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, and cardamom brought this beer alive without being at all cloying. In fact, underlying its Himalayan sweetness was a welcome bitterness, making it a balanced and perfect imperial stout.

It got even better as our evening continued.

I broke out the bomber of Daft Badger's Josiah's Revenge we bought at Pilgrim's on Thursday. When I bought it, I didn't look closely at the label. I thought I was buying the year round Josiah's Revenge, but NO!, to my utter surprise and delight, I had purchased the bourbon barrel-aged Josiah's Revenge. It was like having Christmas all over again. I rarely drink Josiah's Revenge on site at Daft Badger because I'm usually driving. I always ask for a taster just so I can have a bit of it.

But, tonight, in the safety of our home, the Deke and I split the bourbon barrel aged Josiah's Revenge. The brown sugary notes of Maker's Mark bourbon enhanced its cherry, dried fruit, chocolate-y sweetness and the ease and beauty of Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond never sounded better.

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