Friday, January 5, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 01/04/18: Shopping in CdA, Imperial Stout Tasting, Roasted Chicken a la Corleone

1. After a lazy morning, the Deke and I buzzed over to CdA to purchase some home improvement items: the Deke bought curtain fabric and I lumbered around Fred Meyer and bought a slow cooker, rolling pin, whisks, and other items for the kitchen. After Fred Meyer, we hauled ourselves over to Pilgrim's and I nearly melted with astonishment at their fine selection of Imperial Stout beer. We purchased a few bottles along with some food for dinner and returned to Kellogg, pleased with the way we made things better in our home.

2. The Deke and I dove into an excellent Imperial Stout tasting party once we packed our new belongings into the house. We loved all three beers we split and sampled: Yeti Whiskey Barrel Aged Yeti, Goose Island's divine, thick, and sweet Bourbon County Imperial Stout, and, an old favorite, Deschutes' The Abyss, a molasses, vanilla, and licorice bomb of superb and rich flavor.

3. The Deke roasted chicken thighs and carrots and served them with polenta, a perfect dinner. For dessert, she rented The Godfather. She watched it on her Chromebook and I sat nearby, listening to it, as the movie were classical music on the radio. It was like listening to Beethoven, only the notes were words, but the words' many moods, their depth, and their careful arrangement made them seem like a Beethoven symphony.

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