Sunday, January 28, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 01/27/18: Remembering Amy Bird, Coffee Stout at Bucer's, Evening on the Town

1. Christy stayed home to tend to Everett who is ailing. She had planned to go with Carol and me to Moscow this morning where we picked up Cosette and attended the memorial service of Amy Bird at St. Mark's Episcopal Church. Amy Bird is Kenton's mother and Kenton and I have been friends since I started going to Sunnyside Elementary in the third grade. Kenton is both a very good friend of mine and has also been a very good family friend.

The service was a perfect tribute to Amy Bird. It was liturgically both solemn and joyful, mourning her death and celebrating her full mortal life and the promise of eternal life. Amy and her husband, Bob, had been married 66 years and the service, through Kenton's opening remarks and Rev. Robin Bittles remarks before the Old Testament reading and in her homily,  touched again and again on their love story, on their devotion to one another. Most of all, the service paid tribute to Amy Bird's independence, her fierce intelligence, vast curiosity, love of the Episcopal Church, and her devotion to community service, especially in the realm of education -- she was, for example, the first woman to serve on the Kellogg School Board and was active in P. E. O.

At the reception that followed, I talked briefly with Kenton's father, Bob, and more at length with Kenton and his wife, Gerri. I visited with Doug and Marcia Jacobs, longtime friends from Kellogg, and enjoyed seeing one of Amy's best friends from back in the Elizabeth Park days, Mary Pierce.

2. After the service and reception, Carol, Cosette, and I met with Travis and Molly at Bucer's Coffee House Pub in downtown Moscow. It was fun to hang out for a while in this cozy joint and not only did I enjoy the company, but I quaffed a tasty pint of coffee stout -- possibly brewed by Paradise Creek, but I'm not sure because there was no tap list and it was too dark for me to clearly read the tap handle -- but, I was in the mood for a warming stout and the earnest kid at the counter produced one, pronto, and the beer did the trick -- it tasted great and warmed my belly.

3. Back in Kellogg, I dropped into the Hill Street Depot for a smoked pork burrito and tried to make its smoky spicy goodness last as long as possible. I then met Ed up at the Inland Lounge where I paid for the four Elks Crab Feed tickets I had on reserve and had a good session of storytelling and laughs with Ed and Cas. Terry Lennon was in with his mom, Mary, and Jane, his wife. Mary Lennon's 90th birthday party had just finished up across the street at the Elks and Terry was pumped and came over to Ed and me and gave us the low-down on the party and Terry and I did some serious livin' in the past talking about our fathers who both died in 1996 and were great friends, especially at the plank at Dick at Floyd's uptown. I was home by nine and settled into a restful rest of the evening with Maggie and Charly.

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