Monday, October 1, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 09/30/07: Phils, Rockies, Hot Lunch

1. Those pesky Phillies. Seven games down with seventeen to go and they overtake the Mets and with the Eastern Division. Amazing. Unprecedented.

2. Those pesky Colorado Rockies. They also come from behind in the NL West race and tie the Padres for a wild card spot and force a playoff game today in Denver. Too bad they have to face Jake Pevey today. That will make the consummation of their comeback very difficult.

3. The Deke told me before I ate my share that her enchiladas were not as good as usual. She didn't have enough cheese and there were no green chilis. I loved them. I told her I loved them because they reminded me of hot lunch food from school days. She laughed approvingly.


ThomG said...

I can't share your enthusiasm for the Phillies- I went to my first Met's game in 1962 and have been bleeding blue & orange ever since ;(

But Happy Birthday!

Desert Diva said...

What? Enchiladas without green chile? Green chile make everything better - even burgers.

Was it your birthday? Happy Birthday!

Thank you for your post regarding depression and Michael McGrorty - I'm there right now. I took a LOA from my school district for a month. What he said so eloquently in word - I could only convey in photograph.