Monday, October 8, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 10/7/07: Clean, Pick, Pick, Pick, Horror

1. I took what seemed like a million towels and blankets and sheets and other bedding to the laundromat and in one fell swoop got them all washed and dried.

2. I had to chuckle as I listened to this young (I mean young) couple argue for over a half an hour while they folded their clothes. They smiled and laughed the whole time. It was like arguing and picking at each other was their way of flirting.

3. I watched four hours or so of The American Experience's treatment of the Vietnam War. The footage and the facts outlining how we got into the war were horrible, but the precision and clarity of the program is brilliant.

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tiny london said...

I was once introduced to someone and he took one look at me and said: "I know you, you're the lady with the towels!". I lived in a house share and had taken EVERYONE's towels and bed linen to the laundry, owned by his mum. He thought I was washing for a hotel!