Monday, October 1, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 10/01/07: Feisty, Wild, New Card

1. I really enjoy my 10:00 class. I think it's got some feisty students and the level of intelligence is very admirable. I can hardly wait to read their writing. It'll be coming soon.

2. Was I ever grateful tonight for my subscription to XM radio. I listened to the entirety of the Rockies' 9-8 victory over the Padres and it was the Rockies' broadcast team. It was really fun to hear such an exciting game narrated by broadcasters who were rooting for the Rockies and who got caught up in the shock of Colorado's three run, bottom of the 13th rally that pushed them over the top and into the playoffs. It was one of the most exciting and unlikely games I've ever listened to.

3. We had to report a lost VISA card a week ago and the new ones came for me and the Deke today. I can't believe how habituated I've become to using the VISA card when buying groceries, gasoline, and for withdrawing a little pocket cash. I feel more secure now!


Anonymous said...

woo hoo my calss made your list!

Anonymous said...

whoops sorry about the typo :)

Hope said...

You feed the ego of sooo many. What's left for you? Or are you fed too?

Grey Like Sunday said...

Yeah. Visa. Everything at our house goes to Visa. But we are good credit card users. Pay our balance every single month. We're collecting "No Hassle" miles. Guess where we're gonna go with them? YACHATS! It's been too long. Way way too long! Even without the miles, I'd be lost without my Visa too.