Saturday, October 27, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 10/27/07: Awesome, Lucious, Humane

1. Oregon defeated USC, 24-17. I am in such a habit of thought, which goes back to the O. J. Simpson days, that the Trojans cannot be defeated, that listening to them go down to the Ducks today filled me with awe.

2. The Deke made a sausage, spinach, potato, lentil soup today that was so delicious it defied reason.

3. As I approached the intersection of 18th and Pearl to make a left turn, a driver at the head of a line of about ten cars waited, let me make my turn, before he went forward. I smiled broadly as I waved him a thank you.

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MGM said...

The Hubs was pretty pleased with the Ducks' victory as well. We were busy with some family stuff yesterday, so he set up the Tivo only to find later that the game didn't record. He was all over the Internet last night checking out how the game went and this morning he opened the Sunday Sports section and pointed proudly at the pic and article about their victory. He knows I don't really care except insofar as I know it matters to him, so this was an excited gesture on his part. I even pretended some interest in it just to indulge him a big. He is quite homesick, after all.