Saturday, October 20, 2007

Three Beautiful Things: 10/19/07: Oxycodone, Dark and Stormy Night, New Windows

1. I started watching "The West", a documentary series produced by Ken Burns. Would it be heresy against PBS to say that while I find this documentary informative, that I find Ken Burns' style of documentary film making tedious, redundant, and a bit too precious? So far, it's been a paint by number documentary: Indian flute music or predictable Western sounding folk music over still pictures followed by a talking head. It's all very interesting, but, too often, it feels like I've overdosed on pain medicine as I watch this series. (By the way, I feel much the same way when I watch too many Merchant/Ivory movies.)

2. Our windows rattled. Fall storms are moving in like bands of marauders from the ocean with driving rains and restless winds.

3. The news from the tax man was good. We can have some new windows installed in the back of our house.

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Just Jen said...

sooo, 2 days and no writing? Just wonderin'.....