Friday, October 19, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 10/18/07: I'm a Fat Head, Salt, Nature/Nurture

1. I left my car lights on yesterday afternoon. I turned the ignition this morning as I prepared to go to work. Dead. Jennifer graciously stepped in to get my class started. The beautiful thing was that this is such an alive, trustworthy, motivated class of students that they got going with what they were supposed to do, unsupervised, and the room was crackling with energy when I arrived twenty minutes late. I couldn't have been happier.

2. I love a big bowl of popcorn after I'm done teaching my night class. Unlike the last time I popped a bowl, tonight I salted the popcorn instead of peppering it. It was a lot better.

3. Kat sent me an email answering a question I posed to her about her perspective of the difference between nature and nurture. It was one of the most intelligent, well-crafted, insightful examinations I've read. My students continue to impress and stimulate me. No wonder I feel so young for the twelve hours a week I'm in the classroom with them.

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seenthatbefore said...

What LCC doesn't have a 10 minute rule? You can't tell me you weren't a strict supporter that rule in school. You must have a really inspiring class to keep them there into overtime. Good Job! Whitworth is playing Azusa Pacific in the LA area tomorrow. I think you can get the game through Whitworth's web site. 6:00 p.m. start time. They are suppose to be a Div II top 20, so it will be a real test. Matt played 3 quarters last week but the game was over at half. Don't know if he will get in this one...tough to beat out a 5th year sr., but he is close. I guess I will just listen and hear...course they don't mention the mud pushing o- linemen so even if he plays I might not know.