Sunday, November 1, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 10/31/09: Creepy Sacred Heart, Monsoon Noodles, Ducks Run Showtime Offense

1. Russell and I went on another Saturday photo field trip. This time we visited the new(ish) Sacred Heart Medical Center. People gush about its beauty. The place gives me the creeps. I took photos that reflect how creepy I find it. Here are a few examples:

2. Russell and I finished our photo field trip just before the monsoon hit and took cover in Yi Shen where I sampled the Pepper Noodles dish and enjoyed the peppery seasoning and the dish's noodle variety.

3. When the Ducks play in town, I like to run errands. No traffic. Not many people at the grocery store. I listen to the game while driving around town. What a pleasure tonight! Not only did I get the dog food and supply the pantry, I got to listen to the early stages of the Ducks flat out fatiguing and crushing the mighty Trojans of USC. That's right! If you haven't heard: Ducks 47 USC 20. Coming into November, the Ducks are a juggernaut.

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