Thursday, July 1, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 06/30/10: Kellogg History, It's Not a Happening Place, Easy Weather

1. I spent most of the day reading Kellogg history, with particular focus on Katherine G. Aiken's Idaho's Bunker Hill. Reading this book again is again unsettling, especially the ongoing company/labor conflict, the violence, no matter what form it took, no matter which decade. I'm reminded of what Richard Hugo wrote in "Letter to Levertov from Butte": "This is the town where you choose sides/to die on, company or man, and both are losers." I don't think he means "losers" in the sense of worthless. I think he means that, in the end, no one wins. In the end, in Kellogg, company didn't win. Neither did labor.

2. I hadn't eaten at Ye Olde Pancake House for years. The Deke and Patrick and I ate there once back 1997 and I'm not sure I've been back. I enjoyed my breakfast. I enjoyed the atmosphere more. Like GJ's, it's a place where people come to eat and visit. It's not a happening place, thank God.

3. I keep enjoying these overcast, cool early summer days. No glare. No heat. It's easy on my eyes, my skin, my mood, and on the yard and garden.

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