Friday, July 2, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 07/01/10: Jagon Reddy G Comes Through, Sobering Shoshone County History, Margarita Madness at Billy Mac's

1. I got on the HP support service chat function with Jagon Reddy G and in short order he helped me get my computer's CD/DVD player back in operation. It's the third time I've turned to HP support for help via the chat function and the service has been superb each time.

2. It's sobering (yet again) to read more about Kellogg's history. I've been reading more deeply into the violence of the 1890's in Katherine Aiken's Idaho's Bunker Hill. It's unsettling all the way around. It's been several years since I read Big Trouble by Anthony Lukas, the most detailed accounting of the labor wars near the turn of the century. It's time to get Big Trouble out again.

3. Things were not quite so sobering at Billy Mac's this evening. Russell invited me to join him and Anne and Cynthia and Allie and Pam and Michael and Kathleen and Lynn. Billy Mac's had a taco special. Too add to the fun, it was margarita madness night. So, four chicken tacos and a couple of margaritas later, a day that began soberly ended less so. It was a lot of fun listening to my friends talk about East of Eden and teaching and hometowns and reunions, and more. I felt really good when I got home.

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