Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 07/18/10: Mission Inn, 10 on 10, Sunday Steaks

1. For a change of pace, Ed and I decided not to go to the Silver Spoon for breakfast and went to the Mission Inn. I enjoyed three fat link sausages, hash browns, a couple of eggs, toast, and coffee. Deputy Jake stopped by until he had to go check out a car crash or something. It was fun remembering when the Mission Inn was The Owl and thinking back to old Tom Snyder's opinions and hearing Ed tell when his dad won a rifle playing a punchboard at The Owl.

2. Abbas Kiarostami filmed himself talking in 1o segments about his way of making movies. It's called 10 on 10 and it was fascinating to learn more about his unorthodox, against the grain ways of making movies.

3. Mom pulled the T-bones and rib eyes and sirloins out of the freezer and even went to the store to buy some more and marinated them and I became the bbq chef and Carol, Paul, Zoe, Coco, Mom, and I savored steaks and green beans and baked potatoes and salad and hot garlic bread and a jello fruit salad for dessert.

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