Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 07/26/10: Pre-Juno, Dinner Party, Good-bye Zynga Poker

1. When I watched Juno, I enjoyed the story and, most of all, I enjoyed Ellen Page and vowed I would watch movies she appeared in before Juno. This afternoon, I watched Hard Candy. What I witnessed made me ill. I almost never watch movies involving extended scenes of bondage and torture. Nonetheless, I saw the movie to its conclusion. As in Juno, her Hard Candy character, Hayley, is sharp, witty, acerbic, sarcastic, and verbally adroit. Unlike Juno, Hayley is sadistic, vengeful, cruel, and frightening. I admired Ellen Page's work. I'll never watch Hard Candy again. I have some other pre-Juno movies to check out, though, and one day I'll probably watch her latest, Inception.

2. Martha hosted a dinner party to celebrate the visit of her sister, Rose, and served farmhouse chicken, grilled asparagus, grilled corn on the cob, and forbidden rice. I loved it. Martha also baked a homemade, from scratch, three-layered yellow cake with coconut frosting. Perfect.

3. After about ten months of enjoyment, I decided to close out Zynga Poker tonight. If I play moneyless poker online any more, I'll play on PokerStars which doesn't involve collectibles, challenges, a daily lottery, a tool bar, and a host of other extras that I grew weary of dealing with.

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