Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 07/14/10: Stones, Choked Up, Fudge Mint

1. This refrain from Guy Clark’s song, “Hank Williams Said It Best”: “Hank Williams said it best/He said it a long time ago/’Unless you have made no mistakes in your life/Be careful of the stones that you throw.’”

2. I had never before included in my piece “On Needing Richard Hugo” the story of my father confessing his despondency about his job as a foreman before and it choked me up reading it to the members of the writing retreat. I was happy to be moved and choking back tears.

3. I took a piece of fudge off the plate in the faint light of dusk and thought it would be an explosion of rich chocolate and it was chocolate with a refreshing mint layer. I loved it.

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