Saturday, July 31, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 07/30/10: Laughing Confab, Dickie Jo Wad, New Albums

1. Having failed on Thursday with Margaret and Jeff, and then with my good friends at Billy Mac's Margarita Madness to get the problems of the world solved, I met up with Shirk at Laughing Planet and we worked at it for three hours. We didn't quite finish the job, but had a solid confab uncompromised by the silly fact that I chomped on a floury wad called a Bubba Burrito.

2. Speaking of food wads, the Deke and I decided a junk wad from Dickie Jo's was in order so I buzzed over and brought back an armload of beef, bacon, lettuce, onion, white bread, french fries, ranch dressing, fry sauce, and onion rings, dumped it on the dining table and 1900 calories later, we finished dinner.

3. I finally came to terms with some photographs I've shot over the last three months and posted some albums on Facebook. I was happy that some friends enjoyed my night shots of Fifth Street Market, and was tickled that so many friends liked seeing my most recent photos of Snug.

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