Friday, July 30, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 07/29/10: Iced Tea, Margarita Madness, The World Around Us

1. Enjoyed a refreshing ice tea with Margaret and Jeff. We missed Michael. The three of us did our best to solve the world's problems, but, as you probably noticed, we fell a couple of wars, a polluted gulf, and an economic recession short.

2. Having fallen short with Margaret and Jeff solving the world's problems, I joined the margarita madness get together at Billy Mac's and enjoyed fish and chips, solid conversation, and a couple of Billy Mac's mad margaritas.

3. Russell and I took our cameras and tripods to the Fifth Street Market and attracted as many questions about what we were doing as we did good photo opportunities. One woman asked me what we were taking pictures of and I said, "The world around us". My response made her giddy.

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