Sunday, July 4, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 07/03/10: The Cooler Cantina, Teriyaki Complexity, Night Shots

1. You know, I wasn't even thinking about the World Cup. I needed to buy paper products for the Last Cousin Standing Hootenanny coming up on the 9th and I dropped into The Cooler for a noontime breakfast. The breakfast satisfied me. I got caught up in the Parguay/Spain World Cup match. Accidentally, I sat on the Paraguay side of The Cooler and the Spain side erupted, as if we were in a boisterous Barcelona cantina when Spain scored the match's only goal to win. It was riveting.

2. Russell and I decided to go out on a night time photo shoot and dropped into Toshi's Ramen for a bit to eat before snapping away. Am I ever glad we did. I ordered teriyaki chicken. The chicken tasted fresh. The teriyaki sauce was a medley of soy, brown sugar, and some kind of chili. I loved the sweet, salty, hot combination. On the side, Toshi's served marinated cucumbers. They were also a little hot, but being cucumbers, they were also cool. Fantastic.

3. Russell and I set up tripods and took night shots from in front of the Market of Choice. I hadn't tried this kind of photography before. Here are a couple of my pictures:

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inlandempiregirl said...

I love the photos. It is always fun to take pictures of food and try to catch the colors and textures. I definately need tripods. One of those little ones for flowers and a regular one also.