Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 07/09/10: Friendly Moscow, U. of Idaho Hike, Let the Hootenanny Begin

1. On the Moscow/Pullman highway, the woman who waited on my table at Shari’s was just like the woman who helped me find what I wanted at Staples: gracious, friendly, solicitous, warm. So was the desk woman at the Palouse Inn. I began thinking Moscow is the friendliest town I’ve ever been to.

2. I enjoyed being a guest speaker at the NIWP workshop, preceded by my inability to find the parking place close to the Ed. Building, so I parked close to the Tri Delt House and climbed the campus and arrived in Christy’s class flushed, winded, and the butt of a barrage of jokes.

3. Let the festivities begin: Christy and I were welcomed with open West/Baugh arms into the fold of the Last Cousin Standing Hootenanny at Cousin Lura and Lyle’s green and open property.

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