Saturday, July 3, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 07/02/10: Fried Mess, Calm Snug, Spirit Lifting Facebook Friday

1. I've got to get some grocery shopping done. In the meantime, I scrounged around, found some bacon, a pound of hamburger, a container of cooked rice, and a couple of tomatoes. Lunch? No problem. Dinner? No problem. Frying up the bacon and hamburger, throwing in the rice, topping it with Greek seasoning and then putting the tomatoes on top rewarded me with two delicious meals.

2. Today's walk with Snug was one of those walks where no squirrels popped out of nowhere, no cats pranced into sight, no other dogs were being walked, and Snug was the epitome of calm and it was as if the end of the leash were empty and we got into a walking rhythm that moved me to look to the sky in praise and thanksgiving. A good walk with Snug will do that to me.

3. I always enjoy observing my Facebook friends Randy and his mates from Middleborough, Mass. posting music videos for one another, often around a theme or a sub-theme. Or not. (Or something.) I jumped into tonight's 4th of July/America theme late, but had a lot of fun making contributions and listening to what Adam and Becca and Carrie and KenNY (who'd I miss?) posted. I'd been starting to feel miserable late in the day. Just a funk. Facebook Friday and getting comments from friends here in Eugene and from old friends from Kellogg and my cousin from Utah and from the youngsters in Massachusetts on the videos not only pulled me out of my funk, I went to bed feeling fired up. My gratitude extends from Eugene to Kellogg to Boise to Utah to Myrtle Beach, SC to Franklin, TN to the heart and soul of Massachusetts: Middleborough and all the places MHS grads have moved. It felt like a national movement (that no one knew about!) was underway to lift my spirits and it worked.

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