Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 07/06/10: Cop Stop at the Shop, DMV Legacy, The Deke is Back

1. All I wanted was a cup of coffee at 7-11. My stop at the shop was interrupted by a cop. My license tags were not properly displayed. More to the point, a scofflaw stole my month tags. I didn't know that, the cop didn't address robbery as a possibility. The cop let me off.

2. I went to DMV Express to get new tags. I renewed my registration three months early. The experience at DMV Express was painless, friendly, and efficient -- just like all my visits to DMV Express. They are real pros. (I often wonder if they are doing their good work in memory of that guy who was so funny and great at DMV before he retired and passed away recently. I've got to find his name. He was the best: sort of a DMV equivalent to Buddy at Rite Aid.)

3. The Deke returned safely from New York, a little worn out from travel, but doing pretty well.

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