Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 07/15/10: Old Flames, Burnt out Richard Jenkins, Transformed Alan Rickman

1. Terri and I looked at piece she wrote about her 40th high school reunion. It led to our discussing the mysterious depth of feeling still stirred up in us by old flames, flames we thought, when we were younger, would be extinguished by the time we neared sixty years old. We were wrong.

2. Among my favorite genres of movies doesn't have an official genre title. Movies about men in middle age who have become numb and burnt out, sometimes because of grief, and are brought back to life in unexpected ways move me. Today I watched a movie of this genre, The Visitor, and I marveled at Richard Jenkins performance. My enjoyment was further deepened by the work of Hiam Abbass who played, with deep dignity, the Syrian mother whose son who has been arrested and faces possible deportation from the United States.

3. Becca, knowing I admire Sigourney Weaver's work, especially in the last ten years, recommended I see Snow Cake. As the movie got underway, I suddenly realized that not only would I be marveling at Sigourney Weaver's talents as an adult with autism, but it's a movie about a man who has become numb and burnt out, because of grief and guilt, and is brought back to life in unexpected ways. Furthermore, this man is played by Alan Rickman, whom I always admire. To top it off, Carrie-Anne Moss, another favorite, plays the source of sanity and sex next door. I thoroughly enjoyed Snow Cake and, without Becca, I would have never known about it. I'm most grateful.


Anna said...

"The Visitor" was a wonderful movie! I thoroughly enjoyed it and now I'll have to check out "Snow Cake" as I really like Weaver and Rickman as well.

Ruth Ann said...

I ordered "Snow Cake" for my first Netflix adventure as a result of your enthusiasm. Sigourney Weaver was a revelation--so different from the usual strong, sensual woman she usually channels. I really enjoyed it and have spread the word.