Friday, March 4, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 03/01/11: Behind, Idealistic, Fajitas

1.  At Dairy Mart, Jennifer got a kick out me telling her that I needed to get caught up just to be behind.

2.  Today my students learned just how old school I am.  My old school purposes in the classroom reach back to Plato and the most ancient understanding of the worth of education.  It's idealistic.  It has to do with studies helping improve one's inward life.  I feel like an alien in the year 2011.  I hear people my age scoff at youngsters:  "So young and idealistic."  Scoff at me, too, buddy.  I'm old and idealistic.

3.  Tonight it was time to roll up the slices of medium rare limed flank steak, red peppers, and red onions, seasoned with cumin, chili powder, and Frank's Original Hot Sauce into a warmed tortilla and eat fajitas for dinner.  It worked.

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