Sunday, March 13, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 03/11/11: Encouragement, Rehearsal, Narration

1.  Encourage, encourage, encourage.  My students respond really well to encouragement in their writing and I saw plenty of evidence of it today, not only in their work, but in how we get along with each other.  The conferences were a blend of hard work and some good laughs, especially when one of my students brought he fourth grader along.  The fourth grader enjoyed my wise cracks and hearing that her mom is doing wonderful work.

2.  Yes.  Tech/dress rehearsal for the Shakespeare Showcase ran for almost six hours.  I love it, though -- I love all the energy, the scenes, the buzz, the adjusting of lights, the setting of sound cues, the wonderful work involved in getting a show up and running.  There was nowhere else I wanted to be for those six hours than right there in the Blue Door Theater. 

3.  I enjoyed my first run through giving the narration for the Showcase.  I love the script Sparky wrote and did all I could to bring her words alive with energy and enthusiasm.  I hope I do it even better tomorrow when we give our show.

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