Sunday, March 27, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 03/26/11: Dutch Oven Chicken, To Do Shrinks, More Sly Work

1.  My experiment of fixing oven baked chicken in the cast iron Dutch oven was about 85% successful and with a few adjustments became totally successful.

2.  The spring break to do list shrank to two things left to do -- and I won't quite get them done on Sunday, but will have them done on Monday. 

3.  More work with Joe and Sparky on Christopher Sly.  I've declared in this blog before that I enjoy being an amateur at so many things:  writing, making poems, photography, and, I've declared before, acting.  I stand by that.  I still think it's good to get out and do things I'm not that good at, to continue to experience how it's not mastery that makes doing something enjoyable.  Acting really tests this principle.  I'm a real amateur.  I know it.  My range is limited.  I'm slow to learn.  Once I do learn, things stick pretty well.  Joe and Sparky are real professionals. The gap between what they demonstrate for me as they coach me what to do and what I actually can do is pretty wide.  I'm an amateur (although I hope I'm not amateurish).  I need to keep working it and also play.  It is a play after all.  Right? 

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