Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 03/29/11: Workroom Improv, Hallway Cafe, Gamers

1.  Russell and I spontaneously amused/surprised some of our fellow instructors with moment of guerrilla improv that grew out of the way the workroom printer functions and the movie "Sideways".  It was brief, never jumped the shark, and was fairly witty.  And fun.

2.  MB and I sat at the round table in the corner in the labyrinth where our offices are and  enjoyed our conversation and gabbing with the other instructors who dropped by.  Anne called it the Hallway Cafe.  It hadn't been open for a while -- the Hallway Cafe -- and it was fun having it back in business.

3.  Our "Taming of the Shrew" rehearsal faced the difficulty of illness in the cast last night,  but those who could rehearse were gamers and worked hard in the midst of difficult circumstances to make scenes succeed.

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