Thursday, March 10, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 03/09/11: Dog Toy Poetry, Reconciliation Essays, Hockey Talk!

1.  I really enjoy it when a poet latches onto a single object and writes line after line about it, how the thing inspires insights, memories, stories, retelling of incidents, so that the poem helps us see all that our associative minds load up objects with.  When the poet takes hold of something like this, it is, to me, like a dog who won't let go of the toy.  I call such poems dog who let go of the toy poems.  "The Table" by George Bilgere is a good example.  Read it, here.   Today in Intro to Poetry, my students wrote dog who won't let go of the toy poems.

2.  I'm very impressed with the insightful and committed essays my students in WR 121 are writing about reconciliation.

3.  Hockey talk!  Nephew Bill D. loves hockey and we had a little hockey talk this evening while I cooked pasta sauce and he had the 'Hawks and the Lightning game streaming on his laptop.  I'm hoping the spaghetti we ate after the hockey game helped soothe Bill's pain.  The 'Hawks lost in a shoot out.

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