Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 03/22/11: Life of Poetry, No Cancer, Grades In

1.  It's been an all day grading session.  Over twelve hours, thanks in large part to having been sick and giving my best energy over the weekend to the play.  It's been an uplifting day.  Many of my students learned a lot.  Even more uplifting:  almost all my students experienced something of the life of poetry.  They really did quit looking for hidden meaning.  They stopped reading between the lines (the lines are much better).  They heard music.  They didn't tie the poems to a chair with rope.  They didn't torture confessions out of the poems.  They didn't beat the poems with a hose to find out what they really mean.  (Those last three sentences came from this Billy Collins poem.)

2.  The Deke saw the doc:  no cancer.

3.  Final grades posted.  A long day ends. 

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