Saturday, March 26, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 03/25/11: Peace of Mind at the Bank, Peace of Mind at Market of Choice, Peace of Mind at Dinner

1.  I went to the bank today.  Now I have peace of mind.  The federal government and the banks are working as partners to make it easier for me not to face foreclosure and to have lower interest rates and a smaller monthly payment in these difficult financial times. 

2.  I went to Market of Choice.  Strangers, perfect strangers, beamed when I passed them in the shopping aisles.  When I ordered a tri tip roast, a porketta, two tri tip steaks, and a chuck roast at the meat counter, the man working there spontaneously told me about the slow cooked, pulled beef, chuck roast he prepared recently and how happy it made his wife (who will never go back to pork).  The cashier and the guy who bagged my groceries seemed more concerned than ever that I found everything and that I felt good about the price I paid for my groceries.  I hope this peace of mind I attained at the bank today lasts a long time.  People really like me and care about me in ways I never thought possible.  They can tell.  I have peace of mind.

3.  I brought my peace of mind home.  I fixed two tri tip steaks with sweet onions and mushrooms, baked potatoes,  a salad with secret ranch dressing (according to the packaging) for the Deke and me.  It was a transcendent meal.  Everything was cooked just right.  Everything was done at just the right time.  The Deke was happy with her dinner.  I radiated peace of mind.   I hope this peace of mind lasts for a while.  I'm really grateful to the federal government and the bank.  I didn't know I was in so much inner turmoil about my mortgage.  But, no more.  I have peace of mind.

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