Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 03/13/11: A Call, Abuzz, Sleeping with Christopher Sly

1.  It was a good today to get the news out to my sisters and my mom that my kidney function had dropped and that I'll be having an ultrasound tomorrow.

2.  Things were abuzz at the theater this afternoon:  Spring Inspirations auditions and a kind of cranky rehearsal for "Taming of the Shrew".  I've been a part of cranky rehearsals before and my first impulse is to think it's all going to hell, but then I remember that the other plays didn't go to hell, so I straighten up and have a lot of hope and feel encouraged.

3.  I take my script to bed now.  I go over lines as I fall asleep.  I sleep with my script at my bedside.  I sleep with Christopher Sly.  During the night, I get up to relieve myself (about five times) and I say lines, turn on the light, check on lines.  Shakespeare packed his plays for mnemonic devices.  I look for them.  For example, I was having trouble with "I say, we'll have no sending to prison".  I was having trouble with the word "sending".  (Who knows why?)  I realized, though, that the key to remembering is in the "s" of "say" and the "s" of "prison".  Now when I say "say" I know another "s" is coming and it's that word "sending".  I'll keep sleeping on it.

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