Saturday, March 19, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 03/18/11: Radio, Tender Sly, Afternoon Sleep

1.  Here's what I enjoy the most about the early rounds of the NCAA men's basketball tournament:  I like listening to the Westwood One radio coverage and hearing the variety of radio announcers call the games.  Driving around a bit today and then turning on XM radio when I got home, I listened to some games, but it was the calling of the games I enjoyed the most.  I love listening to sporting events on the radio, no matter what sport.

2.  We were back in rehearsal tonight and Kate's plight moved me, as did Robin's playing of Kate.  I wondered if it's acceptable for Christopher Sly (that old sot) to be moved as he watches the play unfold:  I got the green light from Sparky.  Sly (that old sot) can have tender emotions. 

3.  It was good that I could rest/sleep most of the afternoon as I continue to fight off this bug.  The sleep did me a lot of good and made it possible for me to be at rehearsal and fully engaged.

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