Saturday, March 19, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 03/17/11: Rest, Zags, Marvel

1.  I love rehearsal.  I think I've mentioned that.  No rehearsal tonight. It was good to be able to stay home and sleep all afternoon and rest/sleep in the evening to try to knock out this cold/slight flu bug I've suddenly contracted.

2.  St. John's knocked off Duke this season and a host of other top 10 teams during the regular season.  But not today.  They ran into the train called the Gonzaga Bulldogs and the only team I care about in the whole NCAA tournament is still alive.

3.  I sat down with a student late this morning for a conference and delighted in how her writing has developed over the quarter.  Then she mentioned a thing or two about what a mess her life is outside of class, none of it of her own doing, but her mother's, and I silently marveled that she was juggling this mess, trying to clean it up, and writing so clearly and intelligently at the same time.  She's like so many students I work with:  really intelligent and up against environmental pressures that put her on  the edge of her life collapsing every day. 

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