Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 03/14/11: Growth, Fun, Kidney Bond

1.  I had great individual conferences with students today about their reconciliation papers and I'm pleased and impressed with how their work has progressed.  For some students, a lot can happen in 10 short weeks and, when the growth and improvement occurs, it's very satisfying for both the student and me.

2.  Rehearsal tonight was much less cranky.  Actors seemed to be having fun.  There were fewer absences. Scenes are slowly taking shape.  It's encouraging.  I worked and worked on continuing to get my lines living inside me so that Christopher Sly comes more and more alive.

3.  It was uplifting to know that J., a kidney disease sister, -- and whose function is at 4% -- just started bowling.  She wrote to me:  "It is wonderful to not revolve around a fussy kidney."  I'd been having this same thought.  I can't let my fussy, slowly failing  kidneys totally run the shop. 

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