Saturday, December 29, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 12/28/18: New Brakes, Pneumonia Shot, Quick Lounge Stop and the Zags Win Easily

1. Sube II has new rear brakes and a new parking/emergency brake.

2. While work was being done on Sube II, I went to the Yoke's pharacy and got a pneumonia shot, after doing some checking with the Oregon Medical Group as to when I last had one and which vaccine they gave me. I let my nurse coordinator at Sacred Heart know that I got the shot and now I just need to scan the receipt and email it to her. I've completed one more thing in my efforts to get listed at Sacred Heart's transplant center.

3. I knew the Wallace Social Club was meeting today at the Lounge and that the Club was hosting a retirement party for Rick Norris. I ordered a beer, yakked a bit with Cas, not much, because the Lounge was getting flooded by people coming in -- those who come over for a drink before having hamburgers across the street at the Elks and the crush of people wading in for the retirement party. I came to the Lounge wanting to yak a bit with Rob Gillies, the ringleader of the Wallace Social Club. He saw me, came up to the bar, and we talked for a bit. I finished my one beer and returned home.

Back home, the Deke and I went over to Christy and Everett's to watch Gonzaga crush North Alabama, 96-51. The game was a terrible mismatch -- I guess that goes without saying -- so the evening turned into more of a social occasion to talk about cookbooks, medical updates, recipes, family news, and other matters of immediate interest.

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