Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Episcopal Church News

  • The United State Episcopal Church has opened the door to consecrate gay bishops and to bless same sex unions, here.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rown Williams envisions a two track Anglican Communion, here.
  • The full text of The Archbishop of Canterbury's text entitled "Communion, Covenant and our Anglican Future" is here.
  • Kevin Thew Forrester was elected as the Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Michigan, but many in the Episcopal Church question his fitness to be a bishop because of his inclusion of Zen Buddhism in his practice of faith, his experiments and revisions of The Book of Common Prayer, and his theology regarding the Redemption. Read more about the controversy, here.
  • Forrester explains the Buddhist-Episcopalian connection at Father Mark Harris' bog, here.
  • Bishop Tom Breidenthal of Southern Ohio denied consent. Read his reasons, here. (I am interested in Bishop Breidenthal's letter primarily because his now-deceased mother, Ruth, was the organist at St. Mary's Episcopal Church here in Eugene for years and his father, Les, has also been a shining light in our parish.)
  • News flash: Kevin Thew Forrester fails to receive required consent, here.


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