Friday, July 24, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 07/24/09: Phone Success, Kiva Delights, Growing Up..Fast

1. A transaction I thought I had to do in person at the credit union -- well, I got it done over the phone.

2. Why don't I shop at the Kiva more often and buy more Lebanese bologna and dolmas and try out more of their cheeses and maybe buy a small container of chunky potato salad. I've been shopping at the Kiva for twenty-seven years and was a true blue regular there during some of my grad school years, and today, shopping at Kiva brought back the pleasure.

3. There's a lot going on in Denton, TX with the arrival of a new baby and Debbie is working her tail off helping Hiram and Molly get all kinds of things taken care of and I appreciated talking with her about these things several times today. It's hard work for Debbie. But, she's coming to enjoy Texas.

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