Sunday, July 5, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 07/05/09: St. Mary's Goodness, More Goodness at Brail's, Less Coke Classic is More

1. I was so moved by the kindness and genuine interest so many St. Mary's parishioners expressed to me today after the 8 o'clock service about my health, that I was on the verge of tears. By the time I shook hands with Father Ted and when he told me he wanted to call me so we could get together and talk about things, I could only nod my approval because I would have started sobbing in gratitude if I tried to talk.

2. Randy and I attended the above mentioned service together and went to Brail's for breakfast and were greeted by Dana, a student of mine for two days in April before I was too sick to continue teaching and she immediately asked how I was and told me that her stepfather, Lance, who took over a portion of my teaching assignment, was in the restaurant....and just a few minutes later Lance and Kat, Lance's wife (and also Dana's mom, and a student of mine at LCC in several courses over fifteen years ago), came to our table and expressed their concern for my health and I was back on the verge of tears again.

3. It's funny. For the second time, I bought an eight pack of 8 oz cans of Coke Classic, thinking I'll drink less since the cans are smaller. So, I fixed a sandwich, cracked open on of these little cans of Coke and when I finished it, immediately opened another. ERGO, I drank 16 oz. at one sitting...and I'm quite sure that if I'd had one 12 oz can in hand, that would have sufficiently satisfied my thirst for a Coke Classic.

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MarmiteToasty said...

Ifs amazing how a few words of concern when one is/has been poorly can make one feel that at least someone cares enough to ask.... I so happy that your church maties asked after your health, next time take tissues LOL

I have only ever been out once for breakfast, and that was whilst in the states a few years back.... I would love to do it often LOL it was quite a treat... except the cuppa tea with the said breakie was rubbish :)

To dam funny about the tins of coke...... I cant even drink a whole tin so those little tins would be just fine for me.... smaller tin = less burping :)