Friday, July 31, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 07/31/09: Return of the Toolbar, Fall Books, Kidney Calm

  1. Kiran is out there in the world somewhere working for Symantec and I needed his help to get my Norton 360 toolbar on the upgraded version of Firefox. He did it. The toolbar is back and so are its features that make my life on Firefox just a little easier and more convenient.
  2. I thought and thought and thought and thought about it and finally decided what books to assign in my courses for fall quarter and I got my book orders in. Relief.
  3. Yeah. So my recent bouts with pneumonia and dehydration and c diff cost me a little more kidney function. Dr. Zachem was calm about it. He thinks some of that loss will be restored, that it's not permanent. Zachem sees a lot of kidneys. It's his job. He's like an airline attendant to me. If a jet starts rocking, I look at the attendants. If they aren't freaked, I don't freak. Zachem wasn't freaked today so I'm not freaked either and will keep working on keeping my blood pressure down and drinking water.

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MarmiteToasty said...

Sounds like things are looking good all round :)