Friday, July 10, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 07/10/09: It's the Real Thing Generation, No Need to Linger, Home for the Holy Days

1. I've been on a cola jag lately. Pepsi at Taco Bell. Coca Cola at 7-11. Pepsi again at the 11th and Lawrence store. It's so refreshing and cinnamony and citrusy and cold. I'm sitting here, thinking about what I need to pack for in the morning and I am seriously jonesin' for another cola.

2. I walked into Rainbow Optics, put on my new glasses, could read the stuff on the chart and the glasses needed no adjustment. In and out. Quickly. No chit chat. It's my favorite way to do business.

3. For the fifteenth straight year, I did not attend the Oregon Country Fair. I enjoyed it the first four times I went, but, suddenly, in 1993, my excitement for the place and the goings on deflated and I count it a blessing now when I don't go. (BTW, I'm all for the Oregon Country Fair happening and am very happy for those who love it. I did, briefly. Now I don't.)

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