Monday, July 6, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 07/06/09: Snug Makes a Friend, Snug Pleases the Doc, Money Matters

1. The high school senior next door is going to look after Snug next week and today she came over to the house to get acquainted with him and within seconds, after she gave him some Paul Newman peanut butter treats, he was pressing against her legs, letting her scratch under his chin, and gladly let her replace me as the back yard ball tosser.

2. Snug was an angel at the vet today. He accepted all of the doc's examination, manned up for his two shots, and won the doc's praise for being such a good dog and for how far he's progressed over his four years. I'm not the perfect dog guy, but I give it a pretty good shot and I beam inside whenever the vet or the groomer praises Snug and me for how we've worked together to help him feel safe in the world and have an orderly life.

3. I went over to John's office at ING today to assess financial things. So much uncertainty....but John listens, reflects, gives some counsel, and helps me understand things. Oddly, it's kind of like going to see Andrew Elliott, my naturopathic physician: we don't solve everything, but both of them are calm, assured, intelligent, and very decent men. If my health and finances are kind of messed up, I'd rather talk that over with guys like Andrew and John than have the indignity of my problems exacerbated by dealing with assholes.

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MGM said...

"...have the indignity of my problems exacerbated by dealing with assholes."

Indeed. I had snicker over this one. I can relate to this sentiment and appreciate your candidness!

Glad you have some professionals in your life who are enjoyable to work with, despite the circumstances that would take you to to each of them not being enjoyable at all!