Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 07/28/09: Early to Rise, Marriage, Chowin’ and Jawin’ with Kelly

  1. It was kind of fun. I was up around three this morning to let more cool air in the house and I decided to stay up. I read magazine and newspaper articles online, immersed myself in a stimulating discussion over at 2Blowhards.com, here, wrote emails, and got caught up on the latest controversies in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.
  2. One of the members of the Northwest Inland Writing Project writing retreat divorced her husband and then reconciled and married him again. It's an inspiring story. We enjoyed an email exchange today in response to Sandra Tsing Loh's review/essay in The Atlantic, "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off", here. Neither of us thought much of what Loh had to say about marriage. My friend has a very positive view of the potential for deep relationships in marriage, in part, because of her experience and, in part, because of her study of a list of books (that she sent me)that have helped inspire her convictions.
  3. I don't think I've seen Kelly since I dropped out of sight during my Spring 2009 Hospital Tour. We chowed down on burritos at The Laughing Planet and talked about everything from her dog Jack's blindness to the difficulties that have grown out of her son's school burning earlier this summer. Kelly also told me her story of how she and Jason survived when she got pregnant while homeless and wandering the trails of the Grateful Dead.

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