Sunday, July 19, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 07/19/09: Cool Road Trip, Watson Doesn't Close It Out, Snug and I Are Together Again

1. I was out the door at 4:20 this morning in the cool of the morning to drive back to Eugene from Kellogg and I nearly beat the heat: only as I came down I-5 did my shirt begin to stick to the car seat.

2. Sometimes I hate to be right. All the way from Kellogg to Portland I listened to XM Satellite Radio's broadcast of the British Open. When the announcers said Tom Watson was the likely champion after he birdied 17, I muttered, "Not so fast." When he bogeyed 18 and fell into a playoff, I muttered, "He doesn't have a prayer now." I wanted Watson to win the Open Championship, but I was certain that he'd be unable to gear himself up again after he missed the 8 footer on 18. Sometimes I hate to be right.

3. Snug licked my face and arms and hands and legs and feet over the course of the two hours after our reunion. It's so good to be reunited.


Go Figure said...

RP: HA! Like the other picture better.

raymond pert said...

If it helps, this teams only loss in the '58-'59 season was to Wallace...