Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sibling Assignment #148: Longing

InlandEmpireGirl gave us siblings this photograph project to work on:

Pick a theme like simplicity, serernity, happiness, or another theme word. Go for a walk and only take pictures that fit into your theme. Create a set of ten photographs and write about the theme. 

You can find a series of captivating photos from IEG's gardening life, illustrating the theme of "surprise", here

This is one of those posts that I can imagine only making sense to me.  I'll post it and if you read it and it doesn't make sense, it's because it's a very private post, reflecting, and not detailing, very private feelings.

When InlandEmpireGirl posted this assignment, I immediately thought of the line from Fadwa Tuquan's poem, "A Life".  Fadwa Tuquan is a Palestinian.  Her experience and mine have, on the surface, next to noting in common.  I've not known anything like the loss she has experienced.  Nonetheless, this one line of hers is always with me:

My life is tears
and a fond heart,

I long all the time, especially in my times of solitude.  My longings are too private for me to detail.  I'll only say that the sources of my longing are a mixture of the physical, spiritual, wistful, regretful, embittered, hopeful, faithful, and unfulfilled aspects of my person.

These images are insufficient expressions of my longing, but in them you'll find the grandeur of St. Johns Bridge, the promise of the Christian cross, the beauty of a curve in the road, the illumination of the sun shining through trees, the image if infinity found in the image of railroad tracks, and the hope and strength of flowing water.

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