Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 08/23/2011: Road Trip, Amanda, Salmon Dinner

1.  Jake swung by and we headed off to Murray and then over Thompson Pass to Thompson Falls, on down to Paradise and Quinn's Resort and back to Kellogg.  We had stops planned at St. Regis and possibly elsewhere, but I'd told Mom I'd be home by five for dinner, so we didn't stop as many places on our trip as we thought we might. 

2.  We had a beer at the Bedroom Mine Bar and then headed down the street to the Spragpole Bar for the best hamburger I've eaten since the last time I went to the Spragpole (with Jake).  Amanda, the bartender, made our lunch even more enjoyable.  She was a friendly, smart, frank, and attentive server -- and a great conversationalist.  If we hadn't had places to go, I think we would have been happy to wile the afternoon away drinking beers and shooting the breeze with Amanda.

3.  Rosie had brought by some chunks of salmon for Mom and that's what Mom fixed us for dinner.  It made for a very good dinner.

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